Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)

warriors season

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MuRaT İLTeR Today, 15:50
Wow !! Niceeeeeeee :DDDDDD
Kyle Hunt
Kyle Hunt Today, 15:43
Caitlyn and Vi looking at the top laner like "Why is is Urgot so fed!!!"
Florestan Martin
Florestan Martin Today, 15:36
In case you Wondered: Lux is ulting the sky to ask for help to galio
Never Ever
Never Ever Today, 15:26
Captain Rahul77
Captain Rahul77 Today, 15:19
I don't know LOL but i like this 🔥👍🏻
BlaineCraner Today, 15:19
I don't understand the hype behind this. I really don't.
Stefan Yt
Stefan Yt Today, 15:16
Is very nice❤❤❤❤❤
Little Bird
Little Bird Today, 15:13
Why does that purple chick give me Alita Battle Angel vibes? I dont play LoL but it's always looked cool.
†Vengeful Spirit†
†Vengeful Spirit† Today, 15:07
Videos are very high quality and they really get a buzz when viewing,but the game is not always clear and it is inconvenient to change to a new control system, I hope in the future it will change slightly and make it more understandable for those who start playing Lol
나무열매후 Today, 15:06
갈리오 잘하면 그냥 저기있는 병력 다 죽일것 같은데
Hixilin Boy
Hixilin Boy Today, 14:51
Warriors 2014 and 2020 .... Like
백산 Today, 14:45
사일러스는 3명이서 잡아야하는것인가...
간장게장철수네 Today, 14:43
Ez looks like netflix strange storyJonathan isn't that right? I'm sry that my Eng is bad ㅠㅠ
간장게장철수네 Today, 14:42
Ez looks like netflix strange storyJonathan isn't that right? I'm sry that my Eng is bad ㅠㅠ
TheProjectG Today, 14:34
2:45 y'all hear the screaming of Dan Reynolds?
Joel Foley
Joel Foley Today, 14:24
If the game was anything like the cinematic, it would be worth playing.
Sera que vai Dar certos ?
Sera que vai Dar certos ? Today, 14:22
Se superam a cada ano 🙌🙌
ND Junction
ND Junction Today, 14:02
01:35 VI?? is that what six and her little yellow raincoat grew up to be??
theinvisibleone100 Today, 14:02
I dont think I have ever played the game but these cinematics & backing tracks (in particular this one) are awesome.
Is.o 1
Is.o 1 Today, 13:58
Anyone know the name of the song?
andr led
andr led Today, 13:51
Захватывает, особенно конеу
임정열 Today, 13:51
There was temasiaaa!!!
Md Sami
Md Sami Today, 13:25
Imagine dragons 💕💕💕
Luke DG
Luke DG Today, 13:24
Just imagine how scary and hype Kindred could be in one of these... I can only dream... =/
깽치's 이시국TV
깽치's 이시국TV Today, 13:21
찾았습니까 당신?
Pink Lightning Gacha and Gaming
Pink Lightning Gacha and Gaming Today, 13:10
You morons you did this a few years back
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton Today, 12:48
Most cool champion is galio.Change My Mind
S K Today, 12:46
It sounded like some trailer of lara croft
ThunderSec Today, 12:38
This song is for cult.
MaRki3 ph
MaRki3 ph Today, 12:36
Where the heck is wild rift Jan 14 then 22 now 24
Stor MAnqeL
Stor MAnqeL Today, 12:24
베라 Today, 12:18
럭스 때문에 다시 보러옴
luxemn [GD and MC]
luxemn [GD and MC] Today, 12:02
When is the release date for mobile version?
not negative its nigga thieve
not negative its nigga thieve Today, 11:24
sylas look like ezio from assasin's creed
Rhys Clark Film & Media
Rhys Clark Film & Media Today, 11:09
That moment Vi has the same character beats in this video as Jax from moral Kombat Annihilation
Carlillos Today, 10:55
This...is.. AMAZING!
ایمل ایمل منصفی
ایمل ایمل منصفی Today, 10:53
CsMaGO Tv Today, 10:32
Hakan Yavuz
Hakan Yavuz Today, 10:30
Çocukları kandırıp, paraları yeme yükleniyor %80
준호 Today, 10:21
갈리오 등장씬때 ㄹㅇ 쿠퍼액 질질나오네
Marskaster TM
Marskaster TM Today, 10:08
⊙.☉ Este año va a ser increíble.
LISE 翻訳 Today, 09:56
better than 2019 rewind
Endriel Today, 09:54
me chamo fernando henrique
Endriel Today, 09:53
min diocjna no lol ariranha fofa
Endriel Today, 09:53
Princess Odette
Princess Odette Today, 09:51
Is Lux the most popular heroes in Lol
Kevin Nguyễn
Kevin Nguyễn Today, 09:34
oh my god ! it's perfect music . if you hearing with head phone max volume
มิว ว.
มิว ว. Today, 09:30
O M G :0
Jett Scott
Jett Scott Today, 09:28
Please turn this into a movie
MARCO5 PAULO RJ Today, 09:22
Wow, a movie like this in this animation looks like a trailer for a movie
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