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Buzz Today, 22:44
Next month brawler is legendary 😉
Fiddlesworth Today, 22:05
Is bo’s new default an out of season april fools joke?
Joshua Osnaya
Joshua Osnaya Today, 21:08
Cuando sale el traje de nita
Brawl Stars Bratan
Brawl Stars Bratan Today, 19:51
Subscribe my channel pls
Emil Mårtensson
Emil Mårtensson Today, 19:47
Jmar 0_0
Jmar 0_0 Today, 19:29
Soy puto
Dušan Bošković
Dušan Bošković Today, 19:12
Dali je bralw stars prvo mesto
A Hoomanahajbvhd
A Hoomanahajbvhd Today, 19:07
im offended.darryl exists with a shield
UDONTA :3 Today, 16:58
Mejor remodelen a rico v:<
TheMLG Gangster
TheMLG Gangster Today, 16:36
Ban default skin from the game
olga steponaviciene
olga steponaviciene Today, 15:35
Can you fix spikes trow cause when you try to hit someone behind a wall it trowes 5 spikes can you make it of all sides?
Luiz Daniel Nunes
Luiz Daniel Nunes Today, 14:34
A rosa dead spike the eat
Spike Today, 14:32
Why Would supercell do this to me
Louisleo Leolouis
Louisleo Leolouis Today, 14:29
Hey can you also gift a tara unmasked skin
pq불의사신 Today, 14:06
Levi Mike
Levi Mike Today, 13:09
Potete fare per halloween un skin per Carl chi sia di DART FENER. Chi stiamo d'accordo metta like 👇👍
Nkeng Morfaw
Nkeng Morfaw Today, 12:58
I think you should make a system where you can report players who are teamingMaybe like if you have been reported by many players you could get banned for an hour or something like that
Deliu Marian
Deliu Marian Today, 12:46
Please add a skin to leon everyone would buy it
Cansen Girgin
Cansen Girgin Today, 12:34
Nita 30
PAPA Matej
PAPA Matej Today, 11:27
Supercell, ur update about teaming is garbage. Few days ago i saw 5 people teaming in the solo showdown. So whats the problem. PROBLEM IS THAT U SAID THAT THEY WILL BE HIT WITH METEOR IF THEY TEAM UP. FIX THIS FKN UPDATE
Gannicus B&S
Gannicus B&S Today, 11:01
How much cost Shiba nita??
AlienBroadcast Today, 10:59
notice me senpai
notice me senpai Today, 09:39
Hmmm they said piper a lot in this video
notice me senpai
notice me senpai Today, 09:35
Now I know this is overreacting but if anyone says they hate Piper on this channel one more time I'm going to describe shes one of of the best girl brawlers😤
Paweł the gamer
Paweł the gamer Today, 09:24
supercell. I was playing showdown when i kill shelly but im died because she shoot shels when she died fix it ASAP
frenzy gaming
frenzy gaming Today, 05:31
Supercell there stell have teaming in the game.I don't want teaming im a solo player
sub2 plz
sub2 plz Today, 05:03
plz make a new brawler named max!Max: MythicalMax uses a guitar to send shockwaves and damage other players.Super: Max jumps in the air and strums his guitar HARD and sends shockwaves in all directions!Star ability: attacks do twice as much damage.Like if u think Max would be a good addition.
Alberto Sulbaran
Alberto Sulbaran Today, 04:48
add tools to create our own skins and be able to use them please, it is very good game
your boi steve
your boi steve Today, 00:42
will the skins be limited
bakugan Games
bakugan Games Today, 00:24
Skin leon please
Locura Y Divercion
Locura Y Divercion Today, 00:17
Heeee donde venden esa camisa de nita •<•
Apex DarkMatter
Apex DarkMatter Today, 00:04
Can we please get a Tara remodel and a Pam and Leon skin please? Like if you want these added.
The King Cobra King
The King Cobra King Yesterday, 23:15
How do I get Easter bunny ???👈
Jose Alonso Ruiz Garcia
Jose Alonso Ruiz Garcia Yesterday, 22:57
The skin off bunny penny doesn't have loose animation
paulokaz Yesterday, 22:33
What is the price of the new skin of nita ?
doge 897
doge 897 Yesterday, 21:47
Oh no, crow is the next.
mortis kl
mortis kl Yesterday, 20:24
Pls skin leon
mortis kl
mortis kl Yesterday, 20:24
Pls skin crow
Ionut Muresanu
Ionut Muresanu Yesterday, 19:48
Thanks for carl
MUSTAFA Rajput Yesterday, 19:09
Their will be a emote option too like clash royale
pitek games
pitek games Yesterday, 19:02
Give spike
brwlstrs sucks
brwlstrs sucks Yesterday, 18:58
matching system sucks it must be changed . rank&level Both should be considered
Μαρια Κλωναριδου
Μαρια Κλωναριδου Yesterday, 18:01
I want piper please my favourite brawler my name is AggelosGR
Kraken Yesterday, 15:51
we seriously need emotes
Даниил Кривошей
Даниил Кривошей Yesterday, 15:10
Ви меня не зашто забанили кагда я играл в баях захват кристала!!!
Rafal Freitag
Rafal Freitag Yesterday, 14:27
Buff the crow
Betul Gezer
Betul Gezer Yesterday, 13:53
Please reset spike sakura in promo❤
Rudd.123 BBC
Rudd.123 BBC Yesterday, 13:51
Give me a new brawler
Rudd.123 BBC
Rudd.123 BBC Yesterday, 13:51
Give me a new brawler
Rudd.123 BBC
Rudd.123 BBC Yesterday, 13:51
Give me a new brawler
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