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Brian Today, 03:35
The best budds
The best budds Today, 03:15
3:42 *crab rave plays*
Sirk Htiek
Sirk Htiek Today, 02:50
Reminds me of Johnny Mnemonic
Jared Today, 02:27
Dear CD Projekt Red:never before have I pre-purchased a game, until now. this is my first. I just want to support what is coming in what way i can. Keep up the amazing work, and count me excited for whats coming.
Celal Gezelli
Celal Gezelli Today, 02:24
pubg ciler şimdi nirdeler
ኢቶት ስታውፋን ኢቶት ስታውፋን
ኢቶት ስታውፋን ኢቶት ስታውፋን Today, 01:51
Screcy Today, 01:50
3:40 is the place to go
X Y Z Today, 01:37
WAIT WAIT WAIT! Is that John Wick?
marek wielki
marek wielki Today, 01:27
kurwa będę grał w grę
LonelyDarkness Today, 01:20
Keanus reeves aproved this video
VITBEL Today, 01:15
Очень жду, надеюсь не подведут!!!Лайк тоже если с России!Посмотрим сколько нас💪🏻
STEVEN AVILES Today, 01:13
Si esta Jhon Wick siginfica que habra sangre :v
Olka [Elmosiowa]
Olka [Elmosiowa] Today, 01:03
TheBarryLight Today, 00:58
Wam też męski V wygląda jak Quebonafide?? :o
0.0075mmHG Tau
0.0075mmHG Tau Today, 00:55
What if in cyberpunk 2077 everyone is hunting for this chip not for the sake of immortality, but for the sake of a personal Keanu Reeves in head? 🤔🤔🤔
grahamt19781 Today, 00:49
Something tells me I may need to upgrade my pc for this bad boy
Hebimaru Today, 00:49
So Keanu plays an undead revolutionary rockstar figure with a cybernetic arm. More badassery than this is pure fiction.
D san
D san Today, 00:36
Music 0:18?
jonatan kid
jonatan kid Today, 00:34
Cool its Chris D'elia
Cool World
Cool World Today, 00:29
Click if you need Ice cream!
Maksymilian Smolarek
Maksymilian Smolarek Today, 00:28
Song name 0:20 ?
gamenews persian
gamenews persian Today, 00:19
Wow amazing👌❤
byk-LBN Lublin
byk-LBN Lublin Today, 00:18
Kurła czemu każecie tyle czekać...ja już bym pograł 😎sztos gra👍
Krystian M.
Krystian M. Today, 00:14
It was uploaded at my b-day, I feel special
Arkeologen Today, 00:04
People that disliked this video will be hunted by Keanu
Sub to Swedzey
Sub to Swedzey Today, 00:03
We all know everyone is here for keanu
The Master Truck
The Master Truck Today, 00:00
Someone noticed that the Cyberpunk have Rocket League picture on YT?
Just Matt
Just Matt Yesterday, 23:56
Don't mind me, here for my daily dose of Keanu
Phoenix Dragon
Phoenix Dragon Yesterday, 23:53
Really glad they are releasing this just when my finals are done next year, otherwise I'd be playing this all throughout school and probably have to drop out because of poor grades.
Bob214 Yesterday, 23:45
April 2020 can’t come sooner enough.
Rubicon Yesterday, 23:36
Che film è?
Ryu Yesterday, 23:20
Where did that Girl from poster go
Tea Tsuneko
Tea Tsuneko Yesterday, 23:12
AHHHH WHAT HE DIED? I REALLY LIKED HIM! And I knew that fat piece of shit would be evil.
Aurora Domínguez
Aurora Domínguez Yesterday, 23:02
Música estilo John Wick, perverso 🧐
Crimson Doodlebear
Crimson Doodlebear Yesterday, 22:55
Man. Keanu really is a vampire. He hasn't aged a day in 2077
matteo liberti
matteo liberti Yesterday, 22:38
Bastaaaaaaaardiiiii di merdaaaaaaaaaaaaq
Mr arne
Mr arne Yesterday, 22:32
i made a comp of e3 2019 game trailers
S-Com Yesterday, 22:31
0:15 what the song?
Русский Иван
Русский Иван Yesterday, 22:26
thejmmx1 Yesterday, 22:12
Dam, I thought this was for a movie at first, lol, gave me a "Johnny Mnemonic" vibe :) Keanu seems made for cyberpunk-noir projects
MaxCuis Yesterday, 22:01
Keanu: Wake the fuck up, samurai Neo! We have Matrix to hack!Neo: Holy shit
Thomas Fodor
Thomas Fodor Yesterday, 21:44
You know you're in a rough city when taxis have battle mode.
Victor De Neverle
Victor De Neverle Yesterday, 21:32
over ratted, over hyped .
Dalimil Lazan
Dalimil Lazan Yesterday, 21:25
Watching this trailer for first time: HELL YEEEEAAAAAAH! But wasnt enough! GOING TO WATCH ANOTHER 20 times!
Triple X Syko
Triple X Syko Yesterday, 21:17
I have to make it alive to 2020 for this.
Mr.Black Lemon
Mr.Black Lemon Yesterday, 21:13
Mio Sone
Mio Sone Yesterday, 21:12
putspaaaa...pakapogi tlga ni kyaaaahhh....
Clorox Bottle
Clorox Bottle Yesterday, 21:05
Clorox Bottle
Clorox Bottle Yesterday, 21:05
Peace & Quiet
Peace & Quiet Yesterday, 21:02
Wheres the song??? Im dying here
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