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Commonpigtail Today, 11:12
The advert for me was for a game called stickfight and the characters look exactly the same as the ones in the video.
#КИРА# &&&&&
#КИРА# &&&&& Today, 11:12
Animation vs virus continued pls
Fuck you 090
Fuck you 090 Today, 11:00
HitStan Today, 10:26
Привет, ты говоришь на русском?
80matej5 happy mod
80matej5 happy mod Today, 09:59
Videos amazing
dhess Ferrer
dhess Ferrer Today, 09:45
Nice keep the good hard work
Maxavier 221
Maxavier 221 Today, 09:41
Ok Youtube, an ad before the video isn't a problem.....
Reggy Delos Santos
Reggy Delos Santos Today, 09:04
alan try enderman in forest or cave oksubscribed and like
lkwe music
lkwe music Today, 07:46
All ._.
Armando Imaginate X5 L.G.
Armando Imaginate X5 L.G. Today, 07:28
Colorful Sticks: Hail Hy- the KingMe: I got that reference
Max Dobro
Max Dobro Today, 07:25
Описание на русском или это перевод ютуба?
mojang septiane
mojang septiane Today, 06:53
mantap bang
ItzMichaelPhillips Today, 06:43
6:00 Aww... ya got me there for a second
vinh phu san
vinh phu san Today, 06:36
that why i see that place like second comming in
vinh phu san
vinh phu san Today, 06:35
RPM- ReadyPlayingMobile
RPM- ReadyPlayingMobile Today, 06:20
Wheres Ep.14???;?#?#;#+#;#(#8
Alessandro Huaman
Alessandro Huaman Today, 06:00
Plz. Make A Marathon 🙇‍♂️ I'm Begging You Plz Plz PLZ!
Haruka Sora
Haruka Sora Today, 05:40
Who else thought that was the ending? 😂😂
Inks and Pens
Inks and Pens Today, 05:17
Ah yea, I remember my first dive. One of the coolest things I’d ever seen.
G T Today, 05:05
0:46小玉=Taiwan YouTuber
Pierre Gian Briones
Pierre Gian Briones Today, 05:04
I learn how to swim
Kevin Inthavong
Kevin Inthavong Today, 05:03
Watch too early. No subtitles. Came back to re-watch 3 days later with sub. UMMMmmmmm........ yessssss
Adika Dharmendra
Adika Dharmendra Today, 05:02
Make episode 14
지혜성 Today, 05:02
ma boris
ma boris Today, 05:01
Why did not use your diamond pickaxe??
RED GAMER Today, 04:57
Pls i need next episode
igamefenix x
igamefenix x Today, 04:09
good best channel
Riley Gad
Riley Gad Today, 03:58
6:21 i'm dead on the floor. LITerly
Ewenp3 Today, 03:57
0:58 If you listen closely, you can hear "Pirates of the caribbean" theme song.
thisissosad alexaplaydispacito
thisissosad alexaplaydispacito Today, 03:36
Hey guys turn on captions
Rishab Melkote
Rishab Melkote Today, 03:21
I want to see Pillagers.Episode 14 must be Pillagers.
KEVINMAN Hack Today, 03:15
Hello Alan welcome todo my canal Is KEVINMAN hack
キマイラ。 Today, 03:00
미디야컴Midiyacom Today, 02:44
Cecilia Castro
Cecilia Castro Today, 02:06
Alan becker felicita a minecraft porque cumple 10 años
Hichoten Today, 01:57
Alan becker is Fantastic Animator And I'm korea student i know Alan becker is Best animator!!!!!
Martuline Today, 01:57
I just have one thing to say: 💖
Rehnuma Sharmin
Rehnuma Sharmin Today, 01:41
I just love the fact that in the captions greens like U BROKE FOURTH WALL and then orange just breaks the stone wall*in mind* now you've litterly broke the fifth wall
Flávio Oliveira
Flávio Oliveira Today, 01:10
What omg
Flávio Oliveira
Flávio Oliveira Today, 01:10
Plase continuef
rilzo 23
rilzo 23 Today, 00:58
Wharf Minecraft but nothing fortnite
NarwhalGuy! Today, 00:52
Pretty popular for a...buncha sticks floatin’ in the ocean
pppasasin Today, 00:44
i... want... a atick shirt
ScotyCrafterYT Today, 00:37
Please make an episode called world edit
PanMelon Today, 00:20
nice BIGOS
Jack the Hack
Jack the Hack Today, 00:18
Why is everyone saying bad words :edit your amazing 😉
Fahrez Sativa
Fahrez Sativa Today, 00:02
Bang bikin yang ep 14 dong
andres camacaro
andres camacaro Yesterday, 23:47
wow alan becker has been my inspiration all my life you are the best animator that e known
Jonathan Bjorgan
Jonathan Bjorgan Yesterday, 23:42
Turtle helmets only add 10 secs to your bubbles
enchanted Yesterday, 23:19
That ending tho
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